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December 18-20, 2020

A Worktreat is a unique and personalized experience for female business owners. 

This three day working retreat will allow you the opportunity to reflect, plan, and execute on high level priorities, and build relationship with women who get it

Worktreats at The Legacy Building are all inclusive!


Guests will enjoy complimentary meals together, snacks, beverages, wine, educational materials, head shots, group games, business and website analysis, as well as weekend accommodations in the plush, unique guest suites at Central Estate! 

Investment $899.00

Does that price feel big? It's supposed to.

Our goal is to get the most committed women in this room. 

It's how we ensure that the right people, at the right place in their businesses, have the very best experience possible. 

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Where Will I Be Staying?

The Legacy Building is the perfect place for meetings and gatherings.


Located just 19 miles from Bloomington/Normal, 32 miles from Peoria, 72 miles from Champain/Urbana, 85 miles from Springfield, and 124 miles from Chicago. Easy access to airports, coffee shops, dining, and entertainment.

Guests at the Worktreat will be staying onsite at Central Estate and meeting for sessions in the historic Opera House, along with other amazing spaces. 


Room prices are included with retreat fees. We will consult you for preference of sleeping arrangements after booking.  

Limited to TEN attendees. 

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How Do I Know If This Is For Me?

We built this especially for women identifying, small business owners who have made at least 20K in the last 12 months. 

Are you serious about growing your business?

Are you tired of the hustle and want to work smarter?

Are you looking for a community of women who want to grow their businesses in a similar fashion?

In need of a weekend retreat with others who get it?

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What To Expect?

Over the course of the weekend we will focus on what worked and didn't work in 2020, and how to expand in 2021.

You can expect pragmatic, useful instruction from our business coach and speaker, Hailey Thomas, leaving with specific to you insights on how to move forward in 2021. 

Four Sessions To Include:

1. Introduction to each other and each other's businesses.

2. 2020 Reflection: Money, Marketing, Evaluating Services Offered. 

2. 2021 New Opportunities, Non Negotiables, and Gut Checks.

3. Head Shots and Flat Lay Tutorial with Photographer Stephanie Woods.

4. Who do I need to be?

Sprinkled through out the weekend will be website analysis, yoga, meditation, and a Saturday Night Dance Party

Curious. Couragous. Creative.

Worktreats are unique experiences that both grow our business and connections. 

Join us in reviewing 2020 and making decisions for 2021 that will get us to where we want to go!

The Legacy Building  

1 West Front St. El Paso, IL 61738

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